ELEKTROBUD-GRUDZIĄDZ specializes in making any kind of electric installations, construcion works, building fence systems, traffic lights, control and automatic systems, prefabrication of electrical switchboards.

ELEKTROBUD-GRUDZIĄDZ with the headquarters in Gierymskiego Street 27 in Grudziądz is a company, which started running a business on 01.04.1991.
The company is registered in the Regional Court in Toruń, VII Economic Faculty KRS at number KRS0000034344.
The initial capital amounts: 1.525.000,00 zł.

The advantage of our company is the comprehensiveness of the services offered, allowing for the implementation of tasks from the design phase, through the execution of research and post-assembly tests.
Our experienced staff of approximately 100 people is capital that guarantees the highest quality level of the services provided , which can be proved by numerous recommendations and recognition of investors.
All key employees have a personal security clearance, and the Elektrobud company received a 1st degree industrial safety certificate, which allows us to apply and perform classified tasks.

The quality management system ISO 9001 and AQAP 2120 has been implemented in the company.
Our company has been succesfully working with contractors like the NATO Security Investment Programme Management Office Poland or Siemens AG.
Thanks to the policy of investing the generated funds in the company’s development, our company is characterized by a high level of financial liquidity and has a rich base of specialist equipment, which allows us to efficiently execute even the most difficult orders.

Our achevements, market position, partnership treatment of our contractors and ensuring proper working conditions for our employees are noticed and rewarded every year. The company has received several ‘Fair Play Enterprise’ certificates. As a multiple laureate of this competition, we have been awarded the Golden Statuette and the Platinum Laurel ‘Fair Play Enterprise’.

We're glad to invite you to cooperate and use of our company's services.

In our work we use programs, such as EDBUD Kosztorys by MTM Digital.