We offer construction, renovation or modernisation of:

  • electrical installations of residential construction;
  • power installations of industrial plants, public utility facilities;
  • banks, schools, sports halls, supermarkets, swimming pools and healthcare facilities;
  • building tele-technic installations, such as fire detection, alarming, object control, computer and wiring systems;
  • construction of teletechnical installations, including fire detection, alarm, object-oriented control, computer control, wire broadcasting
  • power supply, electrical installations, control and automation of sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants, hydrotechnical structures and modern municipal waste landfills;
  • all types of wiring;
  • outdoor, indoor and container transformer stations;
  • low and medium voltage overhead lines;
  • outdoor lighting of streets, squares and roads;
  • modern systems of traffic lights and radar devices;
  • lightning protection installations.


We also provide services:

General construction works in public utility buildings

Installation of fences and system gates

Prefabrication of all types of electrical switchboards:

low and medium voltage as well as automation and control systems

Tram tractions

Design and services of comprehensive investor supervision